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The following sermons are available on CD for purchase:

CD's cost $7.00 + $3.00 Shipping & Handling. Contact A/V Department to order or mail request to: GSHOPMBC, Attn: AV Dept., P.O.Box 62867 Houston, TX 77205.

Current forms of payment are Check or money order.

Product will be shipped out once payment clears!

Also ask about CD's and old sermons available by cassette.

Sis. C. Lynch3/22/2016
A Praise Dance Unto God
Video 25321

Rev. Dr. Leonard G. Peters Sr.4/6/2015
"Do You Know Him" Isa 9:6

Rev. Dr. Willie E. Peters3/20/2015
"Jesus Dropped The Charges"
Video 25320

Rev.Dr. Willie E. Peters from Angie, Louisiana3/18/2015
"Satisfaction For Wrong Doing" Phi-2:5-8

Rev. Dr. Willie E. Peters from Angie, Louisiana3/17/2015
"Why Are Ye Seeking God" Matt-6:33

Rev. Dr. Willie E. Peters from Angie,Louisiana3/16/2015
"The Last Will And Testament Of Jesus Christ"